north arrow and scale bar in ggplot2

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north arrow and scale bar in ggplot2 Manuel Spínola 5/17/11 7:52 AM
Dear list members,

I am doing spatial plot with ggplot2 (data frame from a raster) and I am wonder if it is possible to include a north arrow and a scale bar in the plot.


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Re: north arrow and scale bar in ggplot2 David Kahle 5/17/11 8:11 AM
Not build in. :) You could add one pretty easily with annotate() though...


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Re: north arrow and scale bar in ggplot2 Manuel Spínola 5/17/11 8:21 AM
Thank you David.

How I do that?



2011/5/17 David Kahle <>
Re: north arrow and scale bar in ggplot2 Osmo Salomaa 5/19/11 12:39 AM
For anyone interested, here are two functions I wrote a while back to
simplify adding a very simple scalebar to a plot.

hscale_segment = function(breaks, ...)
    y = unique(breaks$y)
    stopifnot(length(y) == 1)
    dx = max(breaks$x) - min(breaks$x)
    dy = 1/30 * dx
    hscale = data.frame(ix=min(breaks$x), iy=y, jx=max(breaks$x),
    vticks = data.frame(ix=breaks$x, iy=(y - dy), jx=breaks$x, jy=(y +
    df = rbind(hscale, vticks)
                        aes(x=ix, xend=jx, y=iy, yend=jy),


hscale_text = function(breaks, ...)
    dx = max(breaks$x) - min(breaks$x)
    dy = 2/30 * dx
    breaks$y = breaks$y + dy
                     aes(x=x, y=y, label=label),


Then it's a simple matter of defining the break points for the
scalebar and adding layers with the two above functions to your plot.
Defining the breaks obviously depends on your coordinate system, the
below example is for a projected metric coordinate system. (ymin,
xmax) is the lower right hand corner in which the scalebar is being

scalebreaks = data.frame(x=seq(xmax - 11000, xmax - 1000, 5000),
                         y=(ymin + 1000),
                         label=c("0", "5", "10 km"))

plot = (ggplot(...)
        + ...
        + hscale_segment(scalebreaks, size=0.1)
        + hscale_text(scalebreaks, size=2)
        + ...

It will look about like this:

    0        5      10 km

Adding a north arrow should be trivial, assuming you yourself know
which way north is.
Re: north arrow and scale bar in ggplot2 Pet Chiang 11/14/14 8:24 PM
How can I find out my map xmax and ymin?