Temperature bug?

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Temperature bug? Joseph 2/20/12 7:30 PM

I found the function to find nearby weather occasionally reports wrong
temperature when there is runway information.   Like below

ZBAA 190100Z 36003MPS 1800 R01/1400N R36R/1400N R36L/1600N BR NSC M02/
M07 Q1029 NOSIG

The function reports 1 DegC (it treats "R01/1400N" as the temperature
information) and the right temperature should be -2 DegC (i.e.M02/
M07).  Possible to add a simple logic to make sure the temperature
either contains no prefix or only contains prefix "M"?

Re: [GeoNames] Temperature bug? Marc Wick 2/21/12 10:40 PM
Hi Joseph

There are some glitches with the metar parser. Do you know a good metar
parser in java?

Best Regards