Google Compute Engine Release Announcement

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Google Compute Engine Release Announcement Google Compute Engine Team 8/26/13 11:53 AM

Greetings Google Cloud Platform users,

Today, we're announcing the release of Differential Snapshots for Persistent Disks (PD) and a new option for sending email from Google Compute Engine.

Persistent Disks

You currently can snapshot your persistent disks into Google Cloud Storage (GCS) for the purposes of backup, disaster recovery, and migration. As of today, each newly created snapshot will only copy the PD volume data that has changed since the last successful snapshot. This results in faster snapshot times, lowered storage usage, and lower costs to you. You can read all about differential snapshots in our updated documentation.

Sending Email from Google Compute Engine

In response to feedback from the community, we recently expanded the Google Cloud Platform partnership with SendGrid to include Google Compute Engine. We've added a tutorial for sending email from GCE VMs using SendGrid as well as links to SendGrid's Google Cloud Platform partner pricing and SendGrid's documentation.

Thanks, and happy computing! As always, please send us any feedback via the normal channels.

-- Paul Rashidi, on behalf of the Google Cloud Platform