Tax Evaders video game needs a developer

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Tax Evaders video game needs a developer Katie Falkenberg 4/8/12 2:40 PM
The Tax Dodgers & Revolutionary Games are looking to create a video game based on Space Invaders. We just need to find a developer. Check it out, let me know if you're interested:

Think: Classic, 1980's style retro video arcade version of Space Invaders - only the enemy ships are the logos of GE, Bank of America, Verizon, etc. and you are trying to defend Health Care, Social Security, and all other parts of the social safety net from their attacks. Each level could be a different corporation, and after destroying all the little ships, the 'Mothership' comes out  - the giant head of the CEO - and you have to blast it out of the sky. Then, if you win, some cool graphics and facts come up about how these tax evading 1% motherf--ers are cheating, distorting the laws and trying to destroy the 99%. We would be turning a popular video game into a teaching tool about many of the principles and issues of OWS. 

I think that much of the programming is already done, as we can probably tear the code right out of existing Space Invaders games, as a lot of it is open source at this point. Aside from creating new graphics - which I could help with - it would just need a programmer to link it to the new graphics, and refine the gameplay. 

Re: Tax Evaders video game needs a developer Jesse Lindsley 4/9/12 8:35 AM
check out boomblastica; FREE for iOS/Android (including Kindle); it's a retro musical shoot'em up game (inspired by the likes of space invaders)..and might serve as a platform or engine for your tax evaders themed shooter.

Background info:

Boomblastica™ is a fast-paced retro shooter game with a fun Japanese pop art sensibility, a rhythmic pace and unique sound design. 

Every action creates instrumental sound effects, which layer together to form new music soundtracks. As players complete difficulty levels, they'll battle their way through increasingly challenging dream states to save our sleeping heroine.



iPhone/iPod Touch:





ceo. thrust interactive

Re: [G4C] Tax Evaders video game needs a developer oscar.oscar.oscar 4/8/12 6:35 PM
Pretty easy... all things considered. msg me offlist if you need a list of developers who could  take care of this for you. 

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