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doodle Nicola Di Marzo 6/2/12 7:03 AM
Hi all,
probably you already know about doodle but i didn't notice a use by you
so i introduce it just the same...
Doodle is a simple and fast way to schedule an event through a survey.
We used it in Italy a lot for the linux user group meeting and event,
maybe it could be useful for the labs and Glug too.

For instance i created an event for the next Glug meeting, of course
it's Wednesday i know but it's just an example.

Re: [galway-lug] doodle Carles 6/2/12 10:27 AM
We have used doodle before for different things. It is handy as well for creating polls

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Re: [galway-lug] doodle Nicola Di Marzo 6/2/12 10:35 AM
ok yes, and and there's also an app in the market to create a quickly poll everywhere...