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free to go Nicola Di Marzo 6/14/12 7:08 AM
I'm triyng this search engine as an alternative to google.
also available a plugin for firefox:
from wikipedia:
The search engine policy emphasizes privacy and does not record user information...
With users free from being profiled, this search method effectively breaks out of "the filter bubble" so that all users are given the same search results, not a set that has been tailored (filtered) to what the engine thinks the individual user wants to see...
Some of the code of DuckDuckGo is free software distributed at GitHub under Perl 5 license.

At the same way there are also these free-secure-private mail accounts provided by:

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Re: [galway-lug] free to go Jeroen 6/14/12 7:17 AM
There is also another search engine with similar good privacy rules:

DuckDuckGo is good and has some nice features like typing "!so perl linux" will search stack overflow for perl and linux.
There are many many predefined !bang words.


- Just like Google it seems to prefer to put wikipedia entries on top (which I am generally not interested in, I would have searched on Wikipedia myself first)
- It's based on Bing mostly and they are just not as good as Google.

That said, I have used DDG now for almost 2 years and removed Google from all my shortcuts, surely they are doing fine.

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Re: [galway-lug] free to go Nicola Di Marzo 6/14/12 7:22 AM
great, thanks both for additional info...
Re: [galway-lug] free to go Gerard Ryan 6/14/12 7:26 AM
I've been using DDG for a long while now too, I even had stickers tp
give out at a security/privacy talk in 091 Labs late last year!

If you think the default results aren't as good as the GOOG, you can
always do:
!g search for something

and it will take you to google search for it (see also !gi for google
image search). :)

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Re: [galway-lug] free to go Thomas Geraghty 6/14/12 7:28 AM
Google does that as well, just search perl linux at stack overflow,
where 'at' is the keyword.
Re: [galway-lug] free to go Carles 6/14/12 8:41 AM
For those with privacy concerns that can't do without google search. There's an option can't remember where in Google if you are logged in which you can set it to not log any of you history searches.