Freenode pruning inactive nicks tomorrow

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Freenode pruning inactive nicks tomorrow Gerard Ryan 6/15/12 5:24 PM
If you've got an account on the Freenode IRC network that's inactive for
a while, and want to keep your nicks, identify before the pruning
tomorrow or you may get pruned. Of course, you could just re-register
your nicks after, but why not avoid the hassle! :)

> -jtrucks- [Global Notice] - A reminder that at 2PM UTC on Saturday we have our long awaited services upgrade and database prune.  All nicks unused for 150 days or more will be dropped from the database.  Please make sure you have identified to your accounts and used your grouped nicks before the upgrade begins. Thank you!
> -jtrucks- [Global Notice] - Our services upgrade is scheduled for 2PM UTC on Saturday.  We expect services to be unavailable for up to an hour, so please plan your channel management accordingly. Thank you!

While you're there, why not stop by #091labs and say hi! It's awfully
lonely in there sometimes! :P

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