Heat map density disappears

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Heat map density disappears Samantha 6/13/11 9:46 AM
I've created my fusion table with a zip code location and two number
columns. When I visualize this data in the map, the points appear as
expected. But when I click on the display as heat map option
everything seems to disappear. I need to see the density of all these
points; what am I missing?


Thanks for your help!
Re: Heat map density disappears Kathryn from Fusion Tables Team 6/14/11 5:03 PM
Hi Samantha,

Fusion Tables works well displaying some data as heat maps and others not so well. It depends on the density and number of points in your data. If you zoom out on your map, you can see the heat map does start to appear, it just doesn't display as well at some zoom levels. There are a couple feature requests open for improvements to the heat map:

Please feel free to star the issue(s) to get notifications on any changes to the heat maps.


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