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We need developers! Jacktail 6/7/14 5:20 PM

Hi all 
We are in need of help developing the site. 

With more and more features and ideas being added to the list we are slowly being suffocated by it all.

We are reaching out for help with the programming of the site. 

The site runs off Python in the backend. 
Front end it is LESS, HTML and Javascript.
Mainly looking for help in the front end. But anyone wanting to help in the backend is also welcome.

Designer is needed to for the front end. 

We are also looking for someone who knows storage.
Currently looking into technologies like OpenStack for our storage needs but we need help with this.

So if you are a developer, or know of one please get in touch bellow.
You can also email me jack [@] furstre.am

Thanks all!