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Dev for Integration - API Work The Ad Men 6/18/12 10:30 AM
Hi Group,

I am in search of a Developer to assist us with a Freshbooks / Wufoo

As you can see here
we have built out a pretty extensive web design cost estimate form.

The goal is to have this wufoo form data go directly into Freshbooks
with all the data a user selects entered as an item with description
and price - which in turn would auto generate an estimate.

The challenge has been that both off the shelf versions do not allow
for this to happen properly so API work must be done to have it
configured exactly to our specifications.

We are easy to work with and want to meet a great developer that we
can hire for other jobs as we are a very busy agency.

It is crucial to our business model to streamline our estimate process
in a way that is consistent and detailed. We look forward to hearing
from you. Lastly I should mention the Freshbooks team says they will
be available to answer any of your questions you may have during this
process and can even set up a test account etc to support you as you
create this integration.

Very Best,

Floyd @

Re: Dev for Integration - API Work Briantist 7/20/12 7:28 PM
Hi Floyd,

I don't know if you're still searching, but I've done API work with Freshbooks before. I haven't used Wufoo yet but I am familiar with what they do. Please let me know if you're still looking for a developer and we can discuss this or other projects. Thanks!

Brian Scholer
Re: Dev for Integration - API Work Marie Carroll 7/16/13 11:13 AM
Sorry to hijack your post but did you find someone to help with this.  I am trying to do something similar with FormAssembly rather than Wufoo.
Re: Dev for Integration - API Work Briantist 7/16/13 12:11 PM
Hi Marie, I did not end up working with the original poster, but I am still available for integration projects. Please let me know if you'd like to discuss it further.

Brian Scholer
Re: Dev for Integration - API Work dns axl 7/18/13 8:24 AM
I've been working with Freshbooks API couple of months. I've got successful integration with SugarCRM, external data base, external website. My work included SugarCRM's bug spot and solution, Freshbooks issues workaround, scalable and adjustable ready to go work patterns. Final product works as exactly as customer needs described.
Feel free to contact,
Best Regards,
Re: Dev for Integration - API Work Harry Jung 8/5/13 12:33 PM
we need to integrate/customize freshbooks can you give me an estimate?