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Maximum returned columns yukisakura 9/14/12 2:29 AM
Hi Nick,
As far as I know, Cassandra returns maximum 100 columns by default. But we can change the default maximum.
Would you tell me how to do it in FluentCassandra?
For example, here is my code (that returns only 100 columns):


foundKvhxList = shortAddressColumnFamily.Get(shortAddress).First();

That code will return foundKvhxList with 100 columns.
Thank you! 9/14/12 2:58 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: [FluentCassandra:112] Maximum returned columns James Wahlin 9/14/12 6:02 AM

int numcols = 1000;  // where value is the # of columns to retrieve
foundKvhxList =
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Re: [FluentCassandra:112] Maximum returned columns Nick Berardi 9/14/12 6:12 AM
You are right James.  TakeColumns is how you adjust the count.  100 is the default column count, and depending on the size of the data it is usually the amount you want to stick with.  What I would really love to do is make the Columns property doing some kind of infinite fetching, but that plan hasn't really materialized yet. 

Re: Maximum returned columns yukisakura 9/19/12 2:28 AM
Thanks James and Nick.
I have another solution :-)
FluentColumnFamily foundKvhxList = shortAddressColumnFamily.GetSingle(shortAddress, null, null, false, 1000);

It works for me.