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Firebug 1.12.0 Jan Honza Odvarko 8/21/13 11:29 AM
Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Albert S 8/21/13 6:27 PM
Hi there,

After updating to the latest stable FB version I lost all my buttons like 'detach', 'close', etc. and also 'plus/expand', 'minus/collapse'.

On a right click and hovering over "Inspect element with Firebug" the text disappears.

We have that problem on two of three machines; all running
Windows 7 / Firefox 23.01 and the latest FB version

I disabled all my other addons one by one, but had no luck. Even after disabling all but FB I had the same issues.

Please let me know what other tests I can run for you guys - in the meantime I will downgrad to 1.11.

Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Peter Marse 8/21/13 8:24 PM
I am having the same exact issues. Please fix this, FireBug team! In the meantime, how and where can I download and install 1.11?
Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Sebastian Zartner 8/22/13 12:02 AM
This seems to be a Firefox bug, which I reported now as bug 908069.

There's a workaround to fix this described in issue 5746. All you have to do is to remove the entry for SVG files from your mimeTypes.rdf file inside your profile folder.

If you want to go back to 1.11.4, you can download it from Though you'll have to disable automatic updates inside the Addons Manager, otherwise it is automatically updated to 1.12 again. Though note that you won't get any updates for your add-ons then and also won't get to know when it's fixed. So I suggest you try the fix related to the mimeTypes.rdf I mentioned above instead.

Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Sebastian Zartner 8/22/13 2:34 AM
Update: Bug 908069 was marked as duplicate of bug 303581.

Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Jay En 8/22/13 5:47 AM
I have the same issue and tried to fix it using the workaround described in issue 5746 as suggested by Sebastian, but then found out that my mimeTypes.rdf file does not contain the corresponding entry that would have to be removed. (I searched the file for "svg" and "vnd", but it does not contain one of these strings.)
Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Dietah 8/22/13 6:28 AM
I used the workaround and it worked for me.

Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Dacus 8/22/13 7:13 AM
Like Jay En, I cannot apply the suggested fix by Sebastian because in my mimeTypes.rdf file there is nothing related to SVG. Had to go back to 1.11.4 until this issue will be fixed by Firebug or Firefox team.
Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Sebastian Zartner 8/23/13 1:04 AM
This was now reported to our bug tracker as issue 6689 and we're already working hard on a solution.
@Dacus, Jay En: What if you just rename the file? Does that fix your issue then?

Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Dacus 8/26/13 12:09 AM
@Sebastian: No, renaming the file doesn't help, icons are still missing.
Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Sebastian Zartner 8/27/13 10:37 PM
Hi Dacus,

thanks for the feedback. I already fixed that in issue 6689 by replacing all SVG icons by PNGs. This will be released with 1.12.1 soon.
A related bug in Firefox also already got fixed. Could you download the latest Nightly build and check if it's working for you there?

Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Dacus 8/29/13 12:06 AM
@Sebastian, I have installed Firefox Nightly 26.0a1 and Firebug 1.12.0, all icons are now displayed correctly!

Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Sebastian Zartner 8/29/13 2:25 AM
That's what I wanted to read! :-) Thanks for verifying!

Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Sebastian Zartner 9/1/13 4:01 PM
Just wanted to note that Guilherme Souza found another fix for allowing to display SVG files in Firefox.
This won't be necessary as soon as Firebug 1.12.1 got reviewed, though I thought it's worth to me mentioned.


On Thursday, August 22, 2013 2:47:19 PM UTC+2, Jay En wrote:
Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Enrila Mo 9/3/13 5:10 AM
I am sorry if  it is repost. I just install firefox version 22, and put the latest firebug addon. After restart firefox, I can not click the link open to new tab, and the right click list is very long. Is there an old version that not conflict with firefox 22?.

Re: Firebug 1.12.0 Jan Honza Odvarko 9/3/13 6:01 AM
Does it work if you restart the browser?