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firebug icons postmodernkid 8/22/13 9:23 AM
Hi there,

Suddenly firebug has stopped displaying all it icons in its panel. For instance, the left and right arrows for stepping thru scripts, the little + and - signs to expand/contract html code. The selector icon you click to select a part of the webpage. The little red dots you add for breakpoints (which are added when you click - you just cant see them). Everything apart from the firebug icon itself. But as I say, if you click where they should be, the functionality still works.

I'm on a windows server 2008 machine.

I've tried

1. Unistalling firebug, and reinstalling
2. uninstalling firefox, and reinstalling, including a portable version
3. resetting firefox
4. resetting my PC
5. combinations of the above

Any ideas. It very werid


Re: firebug icons Mathew Sine 8/22/13 12:18 PM

I'm having the identical issues on a Mac, Firefox version 23.0.1. Firebug just updated today, so I'm going to assume it's the latest release as of August 22nd, 2013. I am unable to select the Inspect Element icon, or even use it. I've also tried right clicking, and using that way of selecting the Inspect Element feature, but that does not work either. The option is there, and clickable, but the icon is missing and the function does not work.

I tried the exact same fixes as Steve.

Thank you.
Re: firebug icons James Mills 8/22/13 5:45 PM
woke up to the same issues this morning... you're not alone
Re: firebug icons James Mills 8/22/13 8:39 PM
Hi Steve,

I asked around and all my workmates were using older versions of firebug, mine had updated to version 1.14 yesterday.

uninstall your current firebug add-on and go here:

I went with 'firebug-1.11.4b1.xpi' everything is working as it used to now, thought i'd come back and let you know :)

good luck!


On Friday, August 23, 2013 2:23:46 AM UTC+10, postmodernkid wrote:
Re: firebug icons Sebastian Zartner 8/23/13 1:01 AM
The missing icons are a problem within Firefox related to SVG images not being displayed when there is a related entry for them in mimeTypes.rdf. See my other post for more info on this.

Re: firebug icons postmodernkid 8/23/13 2:17 AM
Cheers everyone - much appreciated; I will go and try some of those possible solutions this morning and report back
Re: firebug icons Guilherme Souza 8/23/13 5:47 AM
I managed to fix this problem in my Windows 8.
I had this problem since the beginning of 1.12 alfa and betas and I didn't find the svg entry in mimeTypes.rdf.
I opened Control Panel -> Default program->Associate a file type or Protocol and searched for ".svg" association.
It was associated with Internet Explorer, I changed for inkscape. I tested with notepad++, did not work.
Opened firefox...and voilá. All icons are ok, now.

Re: firebug icons Sebastian Zartner 9/1/13 3:56 PM
Thanks for the info, Guilherme!
Note that I circumvented the Firefox bug now by replacing all SVG images by PNGs again in Firebug 1.12.1.
The bug in Firefox is also already fixed, though it will still take some time, i.e. until Firefox 26.0, until it's in a release version.