Firebug 1.12 beta 3

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Firebug 1.12 beta 3 Jan Honza Odvarko 7/12/13 7:54 AM

Call for feedback – Autocompletion Popup Window

Let us know what you think.

Re: Firebug 1.12 beta 3 Constrained Serenity 7/13/13 4:01 PM
It looks good, at least now there is a better distinction.

However, being one who likes making things both clear and concise, I would offer the following potential suggestion: Use icons in front of each one to differentiate the behavior. (e.g. Firefox / firebug icon. or JS/ Firebug icon, etc). This gives you more flexibility for supporting a few more "categories" of commands. Not sure if there is stuff in the "firefox dom" list that could be slit amongst ECMA and "Firefox specific", etc.

Just a thought.

Keep up the great work.
Re: Firebug 1.12 beta 3 pd 7/18/13 11:54 PM
Love it, love the distinction, it makes a huge difference.

You guys do brilliant work, my life as a web dev would be very painful without you.

Thank you muchly!
Re: Firebug 1.12 beta 3 Sebastian Zartner 7/19/13 1:17 AM
Thanks for the feedback!

Use icons in front of each one to differentiate the behavior.
Good idea. This has already been discussed in issue 3715, though so far just for differentiating different DOM items.

There's also a suggestion to hide the Command Line API initially and just show it by pressing Ctrl+Space. Would that be better than the current UI or worse?