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Other services Azure Lunatic 1/23/11 1:24 AM
I'm starting this thread as a place to collect other services that may
have already implemented stuff that is relevant to this project,
particularly FLOSS ones.

Scuttle just came across my radar; it looks to have come out in the
last days of December.
Re: Other services Michael Johnston 3/19/11 3:28 PM
I was looking over the README [1] for the latest version of StatusNet
(0.9.7), and saw this:

"Bookmark plugin for making del.icio.us-like social bookmarking sites,
including del.icio.us backup file import. Supports OStatus."


[1] http://gitorious.org/statusnet/mainline/blobs/master/README
Re: Other services Michael Johnston 4/1/11 4:00 PM

On Mar 19, 6:28 pm, Michael Johnston <michaelgeorgejohns...@gmail.com>
And now they've launched: http://freelish.us/