RFC: Project Proposal 0

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RFC: Project Proposal 0 Far McKon 12/29/10 9:50 AM
Here is my RFC for the first first things to do. What say youse?

Alpha Build Features:
0) Scrape delicio.us for existing bookmarks.  This should be usable by desktop users and/or the server to grab bookmarks

1) simple login account, where people can add bookmarks. Manually set/add

*Transitory Resource Locator (ie, bit.ly, etc)
** with the magic tags of for:$USER_NAME and PRIVATE:[$USERS,[$GROUP]...], and quoted tag suport

Alpha Projects:
0) Name, design
1) Roadmap
3) Some community and design building.

Beta Build Features:
0) Firefox plugin to do that nifty ctl-D bookmarking trick
1) Add to the bookmark extended opts. 'tweet this'
2) Auto resolve URI -> TRI and vice-versa
3) Start building some stat tracking, and a 'search my network' feature.
4) Design Friend management and trust level system, oAuth based.
5) Back-reference tracking if we can.

Alpha Projects:
TBD!? Can someone suggest more?

IMHO, we can/should start on alpha, and head to the beta while having the discussion of what to do post beta, and what to do as a bigger vision.

Thoughts, Feedback?

Re: [fedmarks] RFC: Project Proposal 0 R.T. Lechow 12/30/10 11:17 AM
Does this assume the "federated" part is "just use StatusNet"? In that case, what of StatusNet's extant "socialbookmark" branch?
Re: [fedmarks] RFC: Project Proposal 0 Far McKon 1/2/11 8:08 AM
I don't know what to use for the federated part. I think Status.net might make a good middle layer.  Unfortunately, I'm not much of a web dev (I've done a lot more in text and image processing, and device drivers) so I didn't get too much out of that php code, except that it is displaying bookmark info?

I spent some time looking at the xml and api for using the status.net (and twitter) API's, and I think that something very similar could be easily built for a social bookmark system.  Basiclly, I'm suggesting ripping off the RESTful API  ideas for an interface,  mixing them with equal parts of hReview and a bit of xFolk for the data containers, and adding a sprinkler of other stuff to make they happy and healthy and work smoothly.

I have *no idea* what to do about an actual web interface :(. Sad back-end developer is sad.

I'm emailing evan (who created the status.net code) to see if he can or wants to get involved.

Thoughts? Better ideas? Halp?

- Far