Folly in Windows?

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Folly in Windows? n9phuo 7/31/12 5:23 AM

Will Folly work in Windows Visual Studio 2010? I don't see much support/documentation for it at all....

Re: [folly] Folly in Windows? Tudor Bosman 7/31/12 9:11 AM
Probably not.  folly makes x86_64 assumptions (so you couldn't target Windows 32-bit anyway), and it relies on C++11 features that are not available in Visual Studio (such as variadic templates).

That said, someone made a partial port to VC 11.  I don't know how well it works, but here's the link: 



Re: [folly] Folly in Windows? Fong No 8/1/12 4:59 AM
Alrighty. Thank you for the info Tudor. :)


Re: Folly in Windows? chmosky 8/22/12 12:56 AM
If it was written in standard C++(as far as I know it is). At least you can take advantage of the source code.

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