Recovering from ext4

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Recovering from ext4 Andy Taylor 10/20/10 2:36 PM
Hi Carlo et al.

I'm trying to recover from an ext4 filesystem:

$ sudo ext3grep restore.img --dump-names
Running ext3grep version 0.10.2
WARNING: EXT3_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_RECOVER is set. This either means that
your partition is still mounted, and/or the file system is in an
unclean state.
ext3grep: void run_program(): Assertion
`be2le(journal_super_block.s_header.h_magic) == 0xc03b3998U' failed.

I've read that this happens during some ext4 recoveries.  ext3grep
looks awesome for ext3, but will it do the same for ext4?  If not, is
there a way to convert from ext4 to ext3 for recovery (retaining
deleted blocks)?
Re: Recovering from ext4 Steffen Hau 10/28/10 10:41 AM
I have a similar problem. Commenting out the asserts let ext3grep
continue but It doesn't show any deleted files in dump-names. It's
only displaying deleted directories.

I don't know wether it it hard to modify the code to fit the pieces of
EXT4. I'm hoping that Carlo is able to perform the needed changes.