x86.eon corrupted- please help

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x86.eon corrupted- please help (unknown) 6/19/12 3:40 PM
Sorry for my bad english :)

When i was updating with updimgr.sh my eon image my ssh session closed and i get a corrupted x86.eon file corrupted.
I' have tried to run it again and i get:

/usr/bin/updimg.sh /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon
Updating files in /mnt/eon0/.backup to x86.eon
backup in /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon.1
 /mnt/eon0/.backup:     OK
gzcat /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon > /tmp/x86.1947

gzcat: /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon: unexpected end of file
lofiadm -a /tmp/x86.1947 /dev/lofi/1
lofiadm: size of /tmp/x86.1947 is not a multiple of 512
mounting ... /dev/lofi/1 /mnt/upd
mount: /dev/lofi/1 or /mnt/upd, no such file or directory

I'm afraid of loosing my storage on a restart, can someone help me.


Re: x86.eon corrupted- please help dre2kse 6/19/12 4:21 PM
First, take a deep breath and stay calm. EON is deigned to minimize these specific types of worry "OS/OS disk failure". There are many options. Even pulling the OEM x86.eon image from the cd and running updimg.sh. Worse case scenario u would have to build a key and re-run setup and do a zpool import.

What I don't understand is, if the ssh session closed before completing I don't see how the corrupted image made it back to /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon. Also, If it did then it means you should have 2 fail safe images. The image rolled before the corrupted one (start of updimg.sh), now /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon.1 and x86.eon.oem.

Simply (in the case below we are assuming x86.eon is the current corrupted image)
cd /mnt/eon0/boot
cp x86.eon.1 x86.eon
cp x86.eon.oem x86.eon
and run updimg.sh

Hope this finds you in time...
(unknown) 6/20/12 1:51 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: x86.eon corrupted- please help (unknown) 6/20/12 1:57 AM

Thanks for your reply dre2kse!

I renamed the x86.eon and then copied x86.eon.1 to x86.eon.
Run updimgr.sh and every thing went perfect.

storagenode1:15:/mnt/eon0/boot#/usr/bin/updimg.sh /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon

Updating files in /mnt/eon0/.backup to x86.eon
backup in /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon.1
 /mnt/eon0/.backup:     OK
gzcat /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon > /tmp/x86.2420
lofiadm -a /tmp/x86.2420 /dev/lofi/1
mounting ... /dev/lofi/1 /mnt/upd
 copying /etc/svc/repository.db
umounting ... /mnt/upd
lofiadm -d /dev/lofi/1
mv -f /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon.0 /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon.1
mv -f /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon.0
gzip -f -9 -c /tmp/x86.2420 > /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon
/mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon:  OK

I have to reboot the storage to confirm that everything is ok.