Elgg Localization portal?

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Elgg Localization portal? Federico Mestrone 8/29/12 5:24 PM
I have been working with GlotPress for translating Elgg. I have customised the format list and added and Elgg option to the product. I think it would be great if we could offer a localization portal for Elgg where translations into other languages are created as a collaborative effort (in perfect social networking style). Elgg could then come with a number of "official" translations rather than having to rely on plugins here and there.

In case you're new to it, this is an example of a GlotPress installation, used for the localization of WordPress.


I'd be happy to share code and help with the set-up of this.

Re: Elgg Localization portal? Krienas 9/4/12 2:17 AM
As it looks like that this project can start as independent and later be integrated with elgg portal, I believe you can simply go and do it. If this project could be able to handle not just elgg core, but 3rd party plugins too, value of it is more than clear. Do you have an idea how language packs from 3rd party plugins could appear in your system?
Re: Elgg Localization portal? Federico Mestrone 9/9/12 7:35 AM
Hi there,

I am working on setting up the translation portal. I am making some changes to the original GlotPress on two fronts (1) make it more effective for end users in general, allowing more control on database than product offers in subversion (2) strong integration of Elgg language stuff into the core.

Yes, the idea is that both core and plugins can be managed by a single installation of the product, so anyone can really just use it for their own plugins and then whoever would like to translate can do from one centralised portal for anybody's use.

Will post again when I have it up and running... shouldn't be long ;-)

Re: Elgg Localization portal? Federico Mestrone 9/16/12 1:08 PM
I have it up and running... :-)

it's at this address, read here for more info.

Re: Elgg Localization portal? Krienas 9/17/12 2:37 AM
How to register/login to it?
Re: Elgg Localization portal? Federico Mestrone 9/17/12 4:39 AM
Hi there,

If you go to the website now, you should be able to register.

Re: Elgg Localization portal? Krienas 9/19/12 3:17 AM
Finally I had found a moment to take a look at it. My first impression is positive, I even consider to get local installation to manage translations of our local Elgg modifications. We'll see how it works. 

It could be good if more ppl took a look at what you had done. It is also interesting how this project fits with efforts of other folks + evaluation of chances to make it part of elgg community portal. If you haven't done that yet, you could try to introduce this project in elgg's community site. Hopefully it is more active than this group.
Re: Elgg Localization portal? Federico Mestrone 9/19/12 9:54 AM
Thanks for your positive feedback, I'll def try the community.

Have you checked out the Language Packs plugin I created to go with the portal? http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1095926/1.0/language-packs

Let me know what you think...