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This month at Makerspace Paul Campbell 12/1/11 9:05 PM
As you've no doubt noticed these emails have become somewhat spotty, largely
because I've been on the road for work for much of the past 2 months, I'll
also be gone over xmas.

People have been evaporating from town as the year ends.

We've been trying to keep the workshop open Saturdays afternoons and Thursday
nights but we'll probably close for the xmas break and open again sometime
near the end of January.

If you're interested in using the space please send mail to this list and
we'll see which board members are available to open up.

Upcoming events at the makerspace:

Saturday Dec 3rd, 1pm-5pm - Open Workshop

Wednesday Dec 7th - Dunlug Hacker Night

Thursday Dec 8th Open Workshop - 7pm-