Test database not auto-flushing

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Test database not auto-flushing Matt 3/1/13 1:01 AM

I have a bunch of unit test files, all of which consist of django.test.TestCase classes.

Wrote myself a little shell script to uncomment/comment test file imports in my __init__.py file, so I can run tests from certain test files, based off the command line arguments I give it. I am also able to run all the tests of all the test files in one go (for regression testing purposes).

I have this one test file that has some JSON fixtures and the first test checks that a certain model/table has 3 records in it (defined by the JSON fixture).

So here is the problem: when I run this test file on its own its tests pass with flying colours, but when I run the test with all other tests, that particular test case I mentioned, fails.

When I run all the tests, the database says there are 6 records in the table/model, but there should only be 3 (from the fixture), like when the test file is run by itself.

I also tried running the that test file with a few other test files (not all) and it passes. So the only time it doesn't, is when all the test files are run.

To me this seems like a bug in Django or PostgreSQL (DB I am using), because aren't Django TestCases supposed to auto-flush/reset the database between each test method, let alone test class?

Posted on stackoverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15124828/django-test-database-not-auto-flushing), but haven't got a response yet.