Turn off CMS_MODERATOR without losing data?

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Turn off CMS_MODERATOR without losing data? Stuart Axon 10/7/12 3:53 AM
We've got a site where we enabled DJANGO_CMS_MODERATOR and ran   manage.py cms moderator on   which makes the required db changes.

Since CMS_MODERATOR seems to behave a little oddly and is being deprecated we want to turn it off again.

Is there an easy way of reversing this without losing data?

Just turning it off in the settings seems to get different (older) versions of the pages, so at the moment were looking at deleting all the data in the site and restarting from scratch; is there any alternative ?
Re: Turn off CMS_MODERATOR without losing data? Jonas Obrist 10/8/12 7:13 AM
Hi Stuart,

The issue you describe looks odd. It seems to me your public and draft pages differ quite heavily. A solution would be to sync them to the correct version (eg: copy all content from draft->public or vice versa depending on the desired effect) and THEN turning moderator off.