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New to Django CMS Rei Ayanami 10/5/12 12:41 AM

I'm new to django cms but I've learned Python and Django (with the tutorial). So I've setup a fresh install of Django CMS with works fine. But now I want to build a page with form and mail notification. Precisely I want to have pages with our customers data like Ip adress, address, servers and I want to have forms to fill. I guess that I have to build a template but I have to admit that I'm quite lost even after reading the doc.

Can anyone guide me for the start ? I can't how to build some forms.


Re: New to Django CMS Manolis Stamatogiannakis 10/5/12 3:20 AM
Hello Rei,

django-cms does not provide support for creating/handling custom forms.

You will need to write your own django application for this (or use an
existing django application that suits your needs) and then integrate
it to django-cms using an app-hook


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