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Django-CMS (Frontend) in Production josch 7/11/12 2:29 AM

I try to use django-cms as main cms for my developer job at a design agency, because I really like the way django and python handle things.

So I choosed django-cms, because it seems to be the best cms for django. And in most cases, it really does a great job.

But there are some bugs and missing Features, that make it really hard, to use it in a productive environment:

CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF Limit are ignored in the frontend:
The limits (global and for the single plugins) are ignored in the frontend editing. They should be noticed, when I try to add a new plugin, and when you try to move a plugin. At the moment it is possible to move a plugin to a placeholder, where the limit has already been reached. A really great thing would be, if there would not only be a message, when somebody does: the placeholdes whoose limit has been reached should not be shown in the list where you can move placeholders to.

Frontend inheritance:

"NoFrontendEditing" setting in CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF missing

Full TinyMCE integration:
It is not possible to use for example the paste_preprocess setting for tinymce  (a setting, that get`s a javascript function for handling paste data in the text editor), because the text plugin has a bug, that outputs it in quotes, so that it is not interpretated as javascript

Per Placeholder Tinymce config:
It would be a great feature, to define different TINYMCE_CONFIGS, and assign it to placeholders with trhe CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF. 

I realized the last three things by writing my own text plugin, but it`s not a very clean solution. The text plugins code is not very clean in common (i mean the render function of the TinyMCEEdittor) for example.

Django-Filer in Version 2.3 with django 1.4:
Does this work? I did not try it, but I read, that it does not. But I think, that a cms has to have a file handling solution that works perfectly.

What I want to say: I wondered that most of those things has not been fixed in 2.3 release, because it is really hard to deliver a homepage to a customer, where you have to tell, that he has to edit everything in the frontend, except of the header, because there is an inheritance bug in the system you use.

Maybe you use django-cms in an other way then me: I try to make an interface, which can be used by a inexperienced user. And I want to help him with configurating the cms in a way, that it is hard for him/her, to destroy the page :).

I think, that it is really important to fix those bugs which I can`t hide from the user who fills the page with content, to use django-cms in a productive way.



Re: Django-CMS (Frontend) in Production Jonas Obrist 7/15/12 9:07 AM
Hi Josch,

For general help, please use the django-cms google group or hop on IRC.