Feature Request: Multi Host capabilities

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Feature Request: Multi Host capabilities Aziz Bookwala 1/31/11 11:32 PM
I have been using django-cms for quite a few projects now and because it is so awesome, i use it sometimes even for projects that are just 4-5 webpages.
Thus i now need to have multiple django-cms instances running for each of my websites.
I propose, that using an application like: https://github.com/jaddison/django-multihost
And letting the user select which site the page is associated with instead of automatically inserting it in the admin, you could run multiple websites using the same djang-cms setup.

I remember reading an earlier discussion on a similar request where the argument was user friendly-ness. Since now, so much of the admin look is controlled by settings (CMS_SEO_FIELDS, etc), this could also be added as a setting (CMS_MULTIHOST).
Setting that to true, would show the site field for adding pages, false, would default to current behaviour.
Re: Feature Request: Multi Host capabilities Jonas Obrist 2/1/11 12:23 PM
I'm -1 on this for it's usage of thread locals to accomplish it's goal and the monkeypatching going on in the middleware.

We currently run up to 18 websites off a single codebase, however using 18 wsgi runners (mod_wsgi in our case, but that doesn't matter). So it is possible to run multiple websites easily off one installation.