WebRTC streaming via MCU

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WebRTC streaming via MCU Pedro Rodriguez 5/3/12 7:47 AM
Hi all:

We are PhD students at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid working in real-time communications and collaborative software. We have been working with webRTC for the last months.

We have developed a simple MCU capable of forwarding webRTC streams to multiple participants.

We invite you to try our first demo:  


It is a broadcast from our university composed of video and audio:
- Video comes from a webcam: It takes a while to load and seems to be inconsistent but we are working on it.
- Audio comes from a voice synthesizer that read tweets with the #webrtc_dit hashtag.

We also added background music to avoid silences.

Note we are not using multiple peerConnections in the broadcaster, it is a single peerConnection connected to a external agent (MCU) that  publishes the media, a simple web application connects the subscribers to the MCU, which will retransmit the stream.

Let us know what you think about the idea and thanks for helping us testing it.



PS: We are working on keeping compatibility with the latest canary versions.

Re: [discuss-webrtc] WebRTC streaming via MCU Justin Uberti 5/7/12 11:14 AM
Didn't seem to work for me in Version 20.0.1129.0 canary.
Re: [discuss-webrtc] WebRTC streaming via MCU Pedro Rodriguez 5/8/12 9:00 AM

We are having some problems with the latest versions (1129 and 1130).
We are using roap_on_jsep.js (thanks, it really helps us while we adapt the MCU to jsep) and had to modify createOffer (including the new syntax has_video, has_audio) after 1129 which seems to work in Mac OS X but it only generates audio candidates. On Windows 7 does not work at all.

We'll keep trying to adapt to new versions.


Re: [discuss-webrtc] WebRTC streaming via MCU Harald Alvestrand 5/8/12 9:11 AM
I know, I'm behind in modifying roap_on_jsep for this. If you send me your patches, I can integrate them!

Re: [discuss-webrtc] WebRTC streaming via MCU Pedro Rodriguez 5/8/12 10:38 AM
We just changed:

<       var newOffer = this.peerConnection.createOffer('audio,video');
>       var newOffer = this.peerConnection.createOffer({has_audio:true,has_video:true});
<                                                'audio,video');
>                                                {has_audio:true,has_video:true});

It does not seem to be working well in Windows 7 yet, still get a JavaScript error. We'll keep working on it and post here if we find out anything.


Re: WebRTC streaming via MCU Vincent 10/29/12 10:42 PM

Tried your demo, but couldnt work here. Only one local video showed up and couldnt see the remote video from participants at the same room. Any thoughts?

OS: Win7
Chrome version: 21.0.1163.0, with peerconnection flags enabled.
Re: WebRTC streaming via MCU Javier Cerviño 10/30/12 2:30 AM
Hi Vincent, have you tried with version 22 of Chrome?

Anyway, could you send us the logs shown in the Web Inspector console?