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Re: [derby-makers] Re: RepRap Congratulations Jonathan 9/30/12 10:47 PM
Thanks Graeme

Any regrets about moving to the dark side first thing Saturday?

The important bit is Derby Makers now has a 3D printer! All we need to do now is get it properly set up in the Silk Mill and dream up some things to print in green plastic :-)


Hydrophilous <> wrote:

Thanks Graeme,

it was an excellent, if tiring, weekend!
I'm sure your board was OK on Saturday, before we attacked it with the wirecutters... Sabotage is such an ugly word...

On Sunday, 30 September 2012 22:16:26 UTC+1, Graeme wrote:
Huge congratulations to Kim, Andrea, Andy, Jonathan and Glyn for winning the coveted 'Golden Spanner' this weekend. Amazing work!

(Obviously Stuart and I would have beaten you if we hadn't been given faulty kit :-)

Graeme (winner of the 'also turned up' certificate)

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Re: [derby-makers] Re: RepRap Congratulations Graeme 10/1/12 12:05 AM
Nah, no regrets, Stuart and I 'took one for the team' , it was a noble and courageous thing for us to do......something that will likely be rewarded with some kind of monetary award and probably a medal of some description.
Re: [derby-makers] Re: RepRap Congratulations Hydrophilous 10/1/12 1:24 AM
I think a statue would be in order, and I don't just mean one 200mm high printer in green plastic!