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AGM Reminder Jonathan 10/1/12 12:20 PM
One for the Diary if you don't have it there already.  Next week, the 9th October we are holding our first official AGM at the Derby Silk Mill.  The meeting will start at 7pm, so please arrive a little earlier.



Review and agree constitution*




*a copy of the constitution is attached - please have a look at it before the meeting so you are ready to raise any questions or comments.  I do not intend to go through the whole document line by line as previous experience shows this takes at least two and a half pints in the pub to get through.

I hope the AGM will only take an hour, so after that I would like to capture ideas for workshops over the next few months.  Currently we try and run a workshop every two weeks, with the intervening weeks an open format, but our list of workshops is a bit short.  If you have anything you haven't done and would like to try, or something you would like to share then please bring the idea and we will add it to the list.

This should also leave us time for more general discussion on where we are and what people like to do.

If you want to become a member, or are just interested in what Derby Makers is about and want to find out more then please come along.  It would be great to see just how many people are interested.  Amanda will also be keeping a note of anyone who wants to sign up for formal membership.

I hope to see you there.