Tools for Sheffield

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Tools for Sheffield Graeme 9/23/12 4:52 AM
I think I have everything except the calipers and thermocouple....which I guess we only need one set of between us.  I know Stuart has both but neither appear to work. :-(

Train Times.... I plan to travel by train from Belper and change at Derby, and stay over in Sheffield on Saturday night.

saturday 8:18 from Derby arrives at 8:52 ( registration is at 9:30)

Sunday 16:54 from Sheffield arrives Derby 17:26 ( lab closes at 16:00)

These are restricted slightly for me by Belper train times but there are plenty of others available.


Re: Tools for Sheffield Hydrophilous 9/23/12 6:38 AM
I've hopefully got a set of digital calipers - Just need to find where they are...
I'll be down on Tuesday to sort out what we're all doing for travel...

Re: Tools for Sheffield Hydrophilous 9/26/12 9:36 AM
I've found my digital callipers...
Looks all set for the weekend's fun :-)