Need a PCB Designed?

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Need a PCB Designed? Adam Ward 10/2/12 5:04 AM
Looks like quite a few members are now contributing their own skills to benefit the DM group, I'd like do my bit as well :)

There also seems to be a lot of members interested in homebrew electronics so perhaps this will be of interest to them...

One of my work / leisure time pursuits is PCB design, and I'd like to offer my skills (such as they are) if anyone needs a circuit board layout designed.  For those unfamiliar with PCB design, this involves taking a finished circuit schematic design and creating a set of drawings that can be sent to a manufacturer who will use them to produce a printed circuit board (which would go on to have the electronic parts soldered on to it etc).

All I would need to begin the design is your finished circuit schematic, a bill of materials and a list of any other constraints you wanted (such as what shape and size the PCB should be, where the mounting holes should go etc).  From me you'd get back a set of design files for the PCB including Gerbers and 3d Preview snapshots.  I'm even toying with the idea of recording a timelapse video of the design process just for fun.

I don't really have any limits on the board size, number of layers or number of signals, but obviously larger boards with more signals will take longer to design than a smaller board.

I'm mainly interested in doing this to gain more experience in the art of PCB design so I won't be charging much (if anything).   "Will design PCBs for beer" isn't far off the mark :)

Here's a picture of my first ever self-designed PCB:  That's a 4 layer design that I had manufactured in the USA in January this year.

So if anyone's interested, feel free to drop me a line via this message board.