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Machinery Adam Ward 8/30/12 12:49 PM
I'd like to try to do something about the machines tools lying dead and dormant in the workshop at the Silk Mill.
It would be terrific if we could get them reconditioned and/or serviced and put to good use...

We've got:
  • Pillar Drill
  • Manual milling machine (awesome!!!)
  • Metal turning lathe
  • Multi-axis mitre band saw (because the lathe isn't dangerous enough)
  • Miscellaneous welding apparatus
  • (any other stuff?)
Most of these machines look like they haven't been maintained for a few years.  In the interest of safety I'd like to have a qualified technician give these machines a proper safety appraisal before we use them.

So I'd like to ask if anyone at Derby Makers knows of an officially qualified person able to perform servicing and repairs on this kind of equipment.
And at the same time if anyone knows of a person qualified to give formal training in the use of such equipment, that would be equally valuable in the long run.  Having some ticket-holding machinists among our members would be a real feather in the collective cap.

If you have some information that might help please contact one of the Derby Makers Steering Committee and we'll try to get something organised.

Cheers. :)

Re: [derby-makers] Machinery Ben Gray - phenoptix 8/30/12 2:04 PM
Great idea Wardy, hopefully we'll start to get some subs in soon and would be able to put something towards the cost of this. In the mean time lets try and find some friendly professionals to help!

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Re: [derby-makers] Machinery Katherine 10/1/12 12:24 PM
There is also the compressor, which I would like to see up and running and the paint extractor booth that could probably do with checking that it's fit for purpose (selfishly, I'd like to be able to use both of these for my project).

However, I am a ticket-holding machinist with various NVQs in metal turning, milling, fitting & I can MIG weld. I don't know if this officially qualifies me to teach or supervise others though? I'd be happy to chip in if required.


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