[Day in Tech History] July 14: Spotify Comes to the US, Windows 95 is Golden

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[Day in Tech History] July 14: Spotify Comes to the US, Windows 95 is Golden Geekazine - Jeffrey Powers 7/13/12 7:30 PM
Day in Tech History has posted a new item, 'July 14: Spotify Comes to the US, Windows 95 is Golden'


Spotify comes to the US

2011 – The US waited for this Swedish music streaming service, and on this day, we got it. Founded in 2006, Spotify announced after exhaustive negotiation with four major US record labels, they were given the green light to launch. It came with much praise from the online community. Since then, Spotify was integrated with Facebook, and launched their own apps and app finder.


Microsoft Windows 95 is golden

Meanwhile, in 1995, after 15 million lines and 3 years of programming,Microsoft announces Windows 95 (a.k.a. Chicago) was deemed “Golden.That meant Microsoft could not make any more fixes or adjustments would be made until it’s release on August 24th. Of course, Microsoft Windows 95 was their first 32-bit operating system and considered a major game changer in the world of computers.

Geekazine Fact: Jeffrey Powers got his IT career as a support agent for Windows 95.

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