Re: Is there a repository for Node Annotation files?

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Re: Is there a repository for Node Annotation files? Alexander Pico 7/5/12 3:35 PM
I'd recommend using the Mosaic plugin. It will walk you through the annotation steps and then you can optionally use celllular location information to perform layout as well (or not).

You can find links to a description website, instructions and tutorials here:

The App Store categories are also a useful way to browse all plugins that deal with GO annotations:

 - Alex

On Thursday, June 21, 2012 3:07:11 PM UTC-7, Steve Ladunga wrote:

We are working on several networks, each from a  different species. Is there a repository for NODE (gene/protein) annotation files that would include subcellular localizations? Tried Biomart but number of downloaded lines  for each splice variant multiplied by the number of GO annotations led to a small combinatorial explosion (at least the way I did that). 

Could you please recommend ways to download/import/generate NODE annotations with subcellular localizations?

Thank you.