RCytoscape and Adjacency Matrix

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RCytoscape and Adjacency Matrix Dave 7/20/12 8:44 PM
I am creating a graph using RCytoscape based off of a Adjacency matrix.

I have followed this example:


I have specficied the graph as being directed, yet there are no directional arrows when the graph is opened in cytoscape.  Also, I am initializing and setting my edges as numerical float values and I do not see them being sent across to Cytoscape.

Is this example correct?  In order to achieve the above (make my edges directional) and transmit edge attributes.  What do I have to do in addition to what has been done in the posted example.


Re: [Cytoscape-discuss] RCytoscape and Adjacency Matrix Paul Shannon 7/23/12 11:14 AM
Hi Dave,

The vignette explains all of these things -- and if things are left out, I will be glad to add them.

Try this to see the vignette:

> library (RCytoscape)
> browseVignettes ('RCytoscape')

Further detail -- a full-featured sample graph, and how to display it -- can be viewed this way:

> RCytoscape::makeSimpleGraph
> RCytoscape::demoSimpleGraph

Let me know if you get stuck.

 - Paul
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