Plugin locales.

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Plugin locales. Denys Kyselov 11/14/10 9:04 AM
Hi. I'm just starting to develop new plugin for croogo.
After some times of coding i need to add locale in my plugin. I was
crate locale directory in plugin and create .po file that named as
plugin name. But don't see any changes in my plugin. what i do wrong?

Sorry for my bad english.
Re: Plugin locales. Marek Sebera 11/21/10 2:02 PM

I think this is your case

which follows to use __d() and __dn()  translation.

Example singular usage: __d('plugin_name', $string, true); returns
translated singular string from pluginsPath/plugin_name/
locale/"language"/LC_MESSAGE/plugin_name.(po/mo). Example plural
usage: sprintf(__dn('plugin_name', '%d = 1', '%d = 0 or > 1', $number,
true), $number ); returns translated plural strings from pluginsPath/

Hope its not too late for you :)

Marek Sebera
Re: Plugin locales. Denys Kyselov 12/2/10 8:55 AM
2010/11/22 Marek Sebera <>:

> Hi
> I think this is your case

This solution works for me. Thanks, man!