CrisisCamps in many cities this weekend - how you can get involved

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CrisisCamps in many cities this weekend - how you can get involved Chad Catacchio 11/3/12 5:31 AM
Hi all,

CrisisCamps will be going on this weekend in Boston, Washington DC, London, Ireland, Auckland, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland working on a variety of initiatives for Sandy response and recovery in the U.S. Auckland has already had their camp and East Coast camps start this morning!

If you are in any of those cities and would like to attend a CrisisCamp in person, please find the correct EventBrite registration form on our blog post (and while you're at, please share):

If you want to help virtually, please either respond here or email and we'll help connect you.

Our main online collaboration tools for this weekend will Skpye, IRC (#crisiscamp #hurricanehackers    channels) and a new tool called Trello. While the Trello "board" is public, you will need to request an invite to the board to edit. Trello takes just a few minutes to learn (see the "Help" icon at the top of the page) and it should allow us to dynamically collaborate. Here is the link:

Also, as always, we want to capture everything that we can on the CrisisCommons Wiki (both the White House and FEMA have tweeted out this link, so it should get a fair amount of attention, so please add whatever you can):

In regards to what we'll be working on, in addition to the many already ongoing grassroots initiatives that people have been working on over the last week or more, we have received the following official requests:
  • Create and maintain a damage assessment map for the entire state of Rhode Island. We will be deploying an ArcGIS powered map for this initiative with the plan of having it live and being populated this weekend.
  • A list/map of all gas stations in New Jersey that currently have gas. There are some other layers of data we would like to add to this, such as "how long is the wait?" etc. 
  • A list/map of which hospitals in NYC (and ideally beyond) have been evacuated and what their current status is including whether they are on main or generator power. We also have been asked to extend this to long-term care facilities. 
  • A directory/map of available hotel rooms and other available housing - again, focus on NYC, but the larger the area the better. 
Finally, a very comprehensive list of other projects can be found at the Hurricane Hackers Google Doc: 

Thank you all so much for taking the time to volunteer and please do not hesitate to ask any questions here, on Skype, IRC or in a private email.

Chad Catacchio
CrisisCommons Community Committee
Skype: chadcat
Twitter: @crisiscommons