ADTPro 2.0.0 Released

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ADTPro 2.0.0 Released schmidtd 5/25/14 4:15 PM
It is time for the Wide protocol to see the light of day.  Version 2.0.0
has been released, and it's a doozy (at least from the internals point
of view).  Many of the underlying subsystems were ripped-and-replaced,
from the basic block transport to the Apple ///'s screen I/O.  All with
an eye towards improved performance and... finally, a file picker that
lets you choose a file from whatever the host is serving.

This is a "point-oh" release in every sense of the word, so if you're
daring... go ahead and get on the bleeding edge.

2.0.0 - May 25, 2014

New functionality:

     New protocol (code-named "Wide") that makes transport more reliable
              and significantly faster with tunable payload lengths
     [Client] Arrow-and-Return interface for choosing a file to receive
     [Client] Arrow-and-Return interface for the main menu
     [Client] Directory listing allows for wildcard filtering of files,
              paging forward and backward
     [SOS Client] Slow driver-based screen I/O subsystem replaced with
              custom code, significantly speeding up display
     Separated ProDOS and SOS boot disks for ADTPro client; VDRIVE boot
              disk remains common to both

Bug fixes:

     When the server decides to abort, the new protocol will not react
              to the "spray of commands" when the client (re-)sends data
              that isn't supposed to be commands
     [SOS Client] Keyboard interaction works correctly
     [SOS Client, SOS VSDrive] Changing serial connected-ness to the
              Apple /// no longer causes fatal SOS $02 errors
     [SOS Client] Bare-metal bootstrap more reliable with timeout logic
              borrowed from Speediboot and made prettier with a logo and
              better display management
     [Client] Hitting the escape key on the configuration screen truly
              aborts changes; this prevents DHCP from requesting a new
              IP address, for example
     [Build] Re-architected 'Ant' build system to be completely
              dependency-driven; allows complete granularity of build
ADTPro 2.0.0 Released Antoine Vignau 5/26/14 2:46 AM
Very nice!
Thank you, David.

Re: ADTPro 2.0.0 Released D Finnigan 5/28/14 9:25 AM
David Schmidt wrote:
>  finally, a file picker that
> lets you choose a file from whatever the host is serving.

Yes, this was an obvious improvement too. Thanks for your work on this
program. :-)

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Re: ADTPro 2.0.0 Released Chris Torrence 5/28/14 9:55 AM
Has anyone gotten this to work with the Raspberry Pi? I updated both the disk and the RPi code, but ran into some issue where the Apple wouldn't connect to the RPi. It's probably just something that I mis-configured, but before I dig into it any further I was curious whether someone had been successful.

Or, if that doesn't work, does anyone (Ivan?) know when it will be incorporated into A2CLOUD?

Thanks in advance!