Updating Zend 5.0 to use PHP 5.3.9

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Updating Zend 5.0 to use PHP 5.3.9 Sander 9/19/12 1:59 AM
Hi there,

For a client I need to update Zend 5.0.3 to use PHP 5.3.9. Zend itself
should not be updated.
Point is, the PHP included in the Zend 5.0.3 repo is 5.3.3.
The most up2date 5.3.9 is in the 5.6.0_Hotfix4 repo.

Has anyone ever done this update before?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Updating Zend 5.0 to use PHP 5.3.9 Peter H. Coffin 9/19/12 9:30 AM
You mean "Zend Server" when you say "Zend"? I wouldn't recommend trying
to mix versions like that. Zend isn't just supplying PHP for Server,
they're modifying it to support their features.

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