API Suggestion: Rapportive-style contact api

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API Suggestion: Rapportive-style contact api Sean Grove 5/2/12 2:03 PM
Working with Fat Free CRM in particular takes a lot of time to transcribe business cards, when most of the information is already out there. If Cloudfuji had a central API its apps could use to do contact-lookup, it would cut down on yak-shaving and data-entry tremendously on quite a few apps.

As an initial suggestion, it would essentially be an API where an app posts an email address, and receives a hash back, something to the effect of:

{"full_name": String, "title": String, "location": String, "twitter": "@name", "linkedin": "full-url", "github": "github-username"}

What use cases outside of CRM would this have as a general-purpose API? What would be dangerous abuses to watch out for?

Suggestions appreciated!

Cloudfuji Cofounder