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Postgres tuning Gabriel Iovino 10/5/12 5:46 AM
While testing the install documentation for RC1 I got the bug to make the postgres tuning[1] easier which led me down the rat hole of learning how to configure a postgres server for performance. 

For those of you with experience in performance tuning postgres, I have a question for you. 

The values below seem to be a balance between the default config and highly optimized for dedicated server class hardware. Would you concur these are sane values to suggest for what is a likely CIF installation?

On a 2proc/2core, 4gb ram VM, the scripts would produce:


kernel.shmmax = 2078580736
kernel.shmall = 507466
vm.overcommit_memory = 2
vm.swappiness = 0


wal_buffers = 12MB  # recommended range for this value is between 2-16MB
work_mem = 19MB  # total available memory / (2 * max_connections)
shared_buffers = 396MB # recommended range for this value is 10% on shared db server
checkpoint_segments = 10  # at least 10, 32 is a more common value on dedicated server class hardware
effective_cache_size = 2376MB  # recommended range for this value is between 60%-80% of your total available RAM