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Rainbow Camp Harry Stewart 4/20/12 8:10 AM

To my United Church “Tech” buddies………


I am trying to raise national awareness about Rainbow Camp in Northern Ontario.  If you know of a youth (13-17) that might be interested in this camp please spread the word.  This camp is a challenge – not only in getting the word out but for those Queer folks in Toronto, there is life after Young and Bloor Street.


Northern Ontario offers so many wonderful things – Camp McDougall (the location of Rainbow Camp) is on the shores of Lake Huron.  Camp McDougall offers sandy beach, breath-taking sunsets, “the bog”, the list goes on.  We are offering eligible campers registration and travel sponsorships – thus trying to make it a truly “national” camp. 


Our camper to councilor/volunteer ratio is 3 to 1.  We are all about “Safe Space”.  This is one of the reasons that our camp costs are so high.  We have to bring in our own councilors (paid), and they have to go an additional week for CIT training. We also have to pay for volunteer’s food and lodging, renting the camp (which includes their staff and expertise), advertising, etc.  The actual cost is just over $1,000 per camper.  Registration fee for camp is set at $275.00


Marketers talk about the Queer consumer having disposable income – I am finding it very hard to tap into this niche market.  We have received funds from Westminster College Foundation and waiting to hear from another one.


April and May are dedicated to raising funds – our goal is $30,000.  This amount will be used not only to cover costs of camp but help make the camp “nationally” accessible.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spread the word to youth and Queer folks in your communities.  Perhaps an Affirming congregation, or for that matter, any congregation, would consider sending a kid to camp.  Post Rainbow Camp on your Facebook page, “like” Welcome Friends Facebook page….write a letter to your local newspaper.  Contact your local QSA’s, PFLAG’s etc….we need your help!


Help us make this camp the best it can be.  The camp is for the campers!!!!


Thank you!



Harry Stewart

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Re: [Church Tech] Rainbow Camp Susan McAllister 4/20/12 8:18 AM
Is the camp for children who are Queer or for those whose parent(s) is/are Queer? 
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RE: [Church Tech] Rainbow Camp Harry Stewart 4/20/12 8:38 AM

HI Susan….for queer youth 13-17.




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