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The Toshiba Chromebook

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The Toshiba Chromebook Tickmc 12/24/13 12:20 AM
It looks like someone might have published details of the new Toshiba Chromebook a little too early and then pulled the article. Thanks go to Google for their cache, though.

- Mike
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Joe Ellett 12/24/13 1:04 AM
Either that or there's a TARDIS nearby.

As for the product, meh. Good to see another vendor, but why would I buy this over another brand and model? No innovation.
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Tickmc 12/24/13 1:54 AM

I agree - although the first with a 13" screen but nothing else I can see.

- Mike

Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Selden 12/24/13 6:15 AM
In the present market, a ~13" screen is the distinguishing feature, and for me, that hits the sweet spot. 11" is too much like a netbook, and 14" is bigger than I like to schlep around, so 13" is the sweet spot. At a $279 price point, I'm guessing the new Toshiba will have a generic LED screen, so the HP 11 still has the edge in that department. After putting an iPearl hard cover (which has a textured surface) on my wife's Samsung, I like the sound of the description "the lid of this model features a subtle texture, a stippled pattern that provides some visual distinction from other inexpensive Chromebooks." 

Ultimately, computer choices come down to what floats one's boat, and it looks like Toshiba will be offering a subtly different variation on the theme, which may appear to a new segment. The most important part won't be known until thousands of units are out in the wild: will the Toshiba be solidly built and troublefree?
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook LS650 12/24/13 7:55 AM

Hands On With the Toshiba Chromebook

I guess it wasn't supposed to be published online until Jan 6th.  Whoops.
About the only new info I got out of it was that it will have a 13-inch display running at the usual 1366x768. 
The Toshiba Chromebook Trever 1/4/14 8:18 PM

Looks like we still have to wait for that deluxe or mid range Chromebook that the Pixel almost is (bad battery life keeps me away from the Pixel... a wanna a MacBook Pro like Chromebook, especially if I'm going to pay the MacBook Pro price).  Slippy the promised land is probably called, if I'm remembering board code names correctly?

Re: The Toshiba Chromebook ILUVFREEWIFI 1/6/14 8:53 AM
From TheVerge.  Some detailed photos of this new Chromebook from Toshiba.

Re: The Toshiba Chromebook zephyr 1/6/14 9:49 AM
They do nothing to support this statement:

...among the best-looking Chromebooks yet, a dimpled silver notebook with Toshiba's recognizable design that's considerably better-looking and more premium than a device like the Chromebook 11.

Yet another MBA clone is what I'm seeing. Poor screen?  We've waited 2 years and they've added...dimples??? This must be a joke.

Another "me too" product. Somebody prove me wrong. 
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Will 1/6/14 5:25 PM
Judging how nobody opened any new posts for this Chromebook today, looks like there's no interest in this lackluster device. 
Where's a midrange (600-800$) Chromebook with more RAM, better screen resolution and a beefier processor?
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Joe Ellett 1/6/14 8:04 PM
For midrange in a Chromebook you could easily stay in the $400-$500 range and gets lots of improvement.
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook 1/6/14 10:25 PM
Agreed Shelden, a 13-inch Chromebook is the sweet spot, but still no backlit-keyboard! I would buy it instantly if it had a backlit-keyboard even for $100 extra, even if it doesn' t have a touchscreen.

On Tuesday, December 24, 2013 6:15:11 AM UTC-8, Selden wrote:
In the present market, a ~13" screen is the distinguishing feature, and for me, that hits the sweet spot. 
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook JLakad 1/7/14 7:37 AM
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Selden 1/7/14 8:12 AM
Yet another MBA clone isn't a bad target, and the Toshiba appears to be much closer to hitting that target than the Samsung. Poor screen? I see nothing to support this statement, other than the resolution, which is slightly higher than the MBA 13's 1344 x 756. Supposedly, the Toshiba will use their TruBrite screen technology. Seeing will be believing regarding screen quality. 
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Joe Ellett 1/7/14 9:54 AM
Blogosphere has lots of photos from CES display. Common theme is that this thing is better quality than the typical plastic Chromebooks. Aluminum (aluminium for those across the pond) case, excellent keyboard, good brightness/color/sharpness of screen image...
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Ray Nolan 1/7/14 10:36 AM
I haven't been able to find any references to an aluminum case but I only looked at a few articles.
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Ray Nolan 1/7/14 10:38 AM
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Selden 1/7/14 12:14 PM
I think Wired has made a mistake. Every other review says aluminum colored plastic case, and an aluminum case is pretty hard to believe at the $280 price point.

This is one of the most comprehensive of the early reviews:

PocketLint says: "The Toshiba Chromebook has a "light gold" (silver) plastic case with a weight of 1.5kg."
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook zephyr 1/7/14 12:16 PM
A 13.3 inch display might be a nice option but with lower pixel density the web looks like it has a bug screen filter applied. This issue has been mentioned on this forum ad nauseam. Then there's the Windows 8 aspect ratio (leaving a wide bezel at the bottom). Google has taught me that widescreens are not ideal for the web (see Pixel and Cr-48 for examples). Then I wonder if people are holding their laptops further away, perhaps watching movies and sharing the screen with a friend. Not with those viewing angles they're not. Maybe somebody has a use case for this, but all the manufacture sees is:  cheap, cheap, cheap means profit. I like to think of Chromebook hardware as innovative in some way as we have seen so far. We will see when the reviews come out—maybe it has some hidden talent.

Want to know what makes tablets so popular? It's the screen. Tosh has not learned this fundamental lesson apparently.

Selden: Here's what I'm seeing on the MBA 13":   1440 by 900 (native)
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook zephyr 1/7/14 12:36 PM
Brushed and dimpled aluminum colored plastic case. I'm in ecstasy. :-)
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Selden 1/7/14 1:09 PM
That probably describes the iPearl hard cover for Samsung Chromebooks, and it actually is a nice tactile experience. Not as nice as the silky anodized finish on a Pixel, but for less than $20, what's not to like? From experience, i would prefer a well-designed plastic case to aluminum; it may not be as sexy, but plastic scratches, and aluminum both scratches and dents. Again, I'm withholding judgement until I actually have my hands on a Toshiba Chromebook. If price is no object, I would prefer a carbon fiber case for sex appeal, but there are few offerings.
Re: The Toshiba Chromebook Joe Ellett 1/7/14 2:43 PM
As a former Saturn owner I can vouch for plastic potentially being superior to metal in impact situations. A good plastic (ABS or one of its successors) will deform a bit, absorbing the force of the impact, and then spring back out. With metal, even if the metal doesn't dent it will transmit the full force of the impact into the internals. I don't know what plastic the HP 11 is made of but potentially it has the best construction; durable plastic shell over a magnesium chassis.
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