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chrome://transparency Will 5/28/12 12:07 PM
Just seen this on OMG Chrome! Pretty cool feature, I'll use it to get rid of the transparency.
Just type the post title into the omnibar and make your adjustments and then enjoy!
Re: chrome://transparency G. Hussain Chinoy 5/28/12 4:18 PM
Nice find! I love the 1994 retro controls, now if it was just green text on a black background...
Re: chrome://transparency Shaughn 5/28/12 5:43 PM
what should i set it at to get the transparency windows had when aura first came out before they changed it to being more solid?
Re: chrome://transparency Chromebook afficionado 5/28/12 5:48 PM
Good question, I would like to know this as well
Re: chrome://transparency Will 5/28/12 6:09 PM
The changes don't persist after signing out/reboot :(
Re: chrome://transparency G. Hussain Chinoy 5/28/12 8:31 PM
Ah, bummer.