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Best Chrome OS device for me?

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Best Chrome OS device for me? notarealpanda 7/9/12 8:57 PM
I plan on buying a Chrome OS device in the near future and I'm curious which device would suit me best. First off, I almost never use any web-enabled device offline. Apps aside, a Chromebook or Chromebox would be like any other laptop or desktop to me. I already have a desktop, but I mainly use it as an HTPC or as a headless system for desktop apps via remote desktop software. I don't have a laptop, and using Chrome OS on the go would be great, but the Chromebox is less expensive and more powerful.  In the end, I guess I'm not sure whether I value a complete, portable package or performance and future proofing more. Also, would you recommend buying an i5 Chromebox off eBay?
Re: Best Chrome OS device for me? shogun 7/10/12 1:44 AM
i would opt for the laptop (unless you really don't like your current desktop)
Re: Best Chrome OS device for me? notarealpanda 7/10/12 7:17 AM
My logic was that my desktop isn't at a desk, so a Chromebox wouldn't be redundant. I also have a few spare monitors, keyboards and mice laying around that could use done attention. Realistically, the Book is probably a better fit, but I like them both and I was also hoping that I could convince myself to save the money :P
Re: Best Chrome OS device for me? Robb 7/10/12 11:32 AM
owning both, i think i like using the chromebox more.  chrome os really shines on a larger monitor.  it's great in the notebook factor too, and i still use my chromebook when i'm computing on the go; i just prefer the desktop experience more.

unless you can find an i5 chromebox for less than 330, the celeron chromebox runs absolutely fine.  i've been using it for the past few weeks and have zero complaints about the speed.  

i'd also make sure one of your monitors uses dvi or display port.  i've heard varying stories (including one from my brother) regarding the output resolution using a vga adapter.  i'm using dvi with my chromebox and 23" monitor and it looks great.  my brother said when he was using a vga-dvi adapter, it wasn't displaying properly, which he fixed by using dvi-dvi on a different monitor.

also, while it'd be nice to have the official chrome os keyboard, keep in mind you can do all of the chrome os functions using the F keys on a regular keyboard too.  it takes a few days to remember which keys do what, but after awhile it's second nature.
Re: Best Chrome OS device for me? notarealpanda 7/10/12 1:08 PM
Thanks. Is there anything you can say about using multiple monitors on either device? I was also thinking of keeping a Chromote session open and syncing files/tabs across via Chrome and Drive. As for which one I'll get, I think I'll just flip a coin when I'm ready to buy :P
Re: Best Chrome OS device for me? Robb 7/10/12 1:23 PM
i haven't used multiple monitors via extending them, although there is a flag for that now.  perhaps that's something that'll come to greater fruition when dev moves to R22 (which i'm hoping is anyday).
Re: Best Chrome OS device for me? Tom 7/10/12 2:58 PM
It's kind of a loaded question to ask laptop vs. desktop. That said, the "desktop" solution here is just laptop hardware at a higher clock speed but without a screen, battery, and portability. Go for whichever one you prefer. Obviously a laptop is a complete system, so that would be my suggestion. It's not like you can really fix or upgrade either.

Any notion of performance in Chrome OS world right now is probably silly. The new Chromebook has more performance than it needs, probably feels exactly the same in usage as a Chromebox (unless you run some crazy number of extensions and tabs that's way beyond most real world use cases). And it's not like some new version of Photoshop is around the corner to make your machine feel outdated, because Chrome OS machines run only web apps they should be as fast in two years as they are today. Any long term member of this forum can tell you already that their Chrome device is in fact substantially faster than when they bought it. Don't worry about future proofing, there's really nothing to future proof against.

There's one caveat to what I just said: really fancy webGL games. But none of these systems have dedicated graphics, the new Chromebook/box are both HD3000 and aren't going to play anything more advanced than Bastion--ever. Outside of these games, they'll probably perform better in two years than they do today, web apps require such lighweight hardware.

I am so bemused by people wanting an i5 Chromebox, it seems like such pointless overkill when you can't run any software that would tax the lesser hardware.
Re: Best Chrome OS device for me? Raccoon 7/10/12 8:00 PM
Tom are you stating that me using around 300 tabs on a regular basis isn't the normal use case? 

I am appalled.
Re: Best Chrome OS device for me? notarealpanda 7/11/12 4:02 PM
Anything worth doing is worth overdoing :P I think, unless an issue crops up with my current setup, I'll see if I can get my hands on an i5 Box and just use my tablet (and if necessary, Splashtop) for my mobile computing. Thanks, all!

Just out of curiosity, how are the fans on the Book? Are they noisy? Could you use it on your lap without causing heating problems?
Re: Best Chrome OS device for me? shogun 7/11/12 4:13 PM
quiestest laptops i've ever had. cr-48, ss5,  the s550 was quiet at the demo floor.  the cpu area was warmish, but nothing compared to the other pentium M laptops i've had.  no experience with i3/5/7