2010 Chiditarod Results

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2010 Chiditarod Results Chiditarod 3/17/10 12:04 AM

Chiditarod V

120 teams.

150 volunteers.

50 degrees & sunny.

One EPIC start to rule them all.

14,525 pounds of food collected.

Chiditarod V ran into historic glory on March 6, 2010.  120 teams and over 150 volunteers participated in the largest and most successful Chiditarod to date.  The effort and creative prowess of our participants was raised to new heights this year.  Art Carts, Grill Carts, Tanks, Cupcakes, Star Wars, Old People, Fire Engines, BaconRod, ChiditaBoot, and more.  The weather was a balmy, sunny 50 degrees.  The Environmental Encroachment magic circus band celebrated their 5th Chiditabirthday by kicking off the race with their signature flair.  The hallowed Chiditarod breakfast fed nearly 700 people - being completely cleaned out by the time racers hit the streets.  For those of you who won prizes, we offer our heartiest of congratulations! For those of you who didn't, we remind you once again that it is the journey, not the destination that matters...and also that the Chiditarod's judges are distinguished not so much by their excellent taste as by their sheer insanity and ability to hold onto a clipboard while inebriated.  Chiditarod is many things to many people.  Whether it be a food drive, race, fashion show, tailgate, art parade, soapbox, barcrawl, charity, or some of the greatest improv streat theater ever beheld in Chicago, the Chiditarod Coreganizers salute all who partipated in manifesting Chiditarod V.  EPIC.