ZOMG - check your calendar, we mush in 16 Days!

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ZOMG - check your calendar, we mush in 16 Days! Chiditarod 2/15/12 10:22 PM
Racer Registration is still open until 2/18. It's first come, first serve and we are pretty much filled up, so act quick!

Volunteer Registration is open until 2/22, we need you for all sorts of fun things to make our favorite day of the year better and better! Sign up to be a valued member of society and make rad things to happen!

Dan Brown is the winner of this year's Design Contest!  You can pre-order your very own 2012 Chiditarod t-shirt with his "Kapow" design on it too, until 2/19.

Food rules are being updated, but let it be known and widely proclaimed that there will be extra special bonus points for teams that bring above the 49lb minimum to the START of the race. Yep, that's right, we're collecting food at the beginning of the race this year ... and at the end, but the bonus points might be worth a bit more to you at the beginning of the race!