tracking issues...

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tracking issues... tom burtonwood 6/22/12 11:38 AM
check these photos...

my bot is currently printing like this. don't know why.

this file is from makerbot, it's on the SD card came with the bot, it's not something i've made or that has been exported out of RepG.

it's possible my files are all corrupted i suppose. i should try a new SD perhaps.

in the meantime - any ideas? this has put a downer on printing new stuff until it's figured out

: (

on the upside my bed is much more level. but clicking persists. is this related i wonder?

Re: tracking issues... Craig Clark 6/22/12 8:02 PM
I can't see the photos :/

I also noticed that MakerBot just released new firmware for the Replicator and ReplicatorG, can't wait to check it out. That might magically help? It looks like they mostly focused on speed and making it heat the platform up faster.

Re: tracking issues... Craig Clark 6/23/12 6:02 AM
It does seem to be tricky though, it looks like it might take several tries,!topic/makerbot/BEPdL6D8iG