Meetup POSTPONED this week

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Meetup POSTPONED this week Alex 8/6/12 6:45 PM
Hello all,

Ethan is doing that which I *don't* do very well - balancing work and fun. :-) He's out of state (and out of wireless range), and none of his usual lieutenants were free to host the meetup this Wednesday in his stead.  Hence, he has asked me to post to the group indicating that this week's meet up is pushed out two weeks to Wednesday, August 22nd, same Bat time (7pm-10pm).  

Side note - a couple of weeks ago, Ethan taught a class at the CIF on the use of the ProJet 1500 commercial 3D printer ($50/student), located in the same classroom as the 3D printing meetups.  We're still working on pricing, but use fees for that machine will most probably be in the range of $10/hr + materials. ($5/hr if you're willing to write a blog post about your product and let us post it on the CIF blog, FB page, twitter account, etc).  We have an instructor's version of Solidworks licensed on the machine next to it, fyi.  If anyone's interested in exploring the use of the ProJet, please feel free to post here or email me at alex at columbusideafoundry dot com.



Re: Meetup POSTPONED this week Larry Knopp, aka - [NM] Buzzard 8/6/12 6:50 PM
Thanks, Alex!
I've been unable to get out to the past couple...  am definitely hoping to make this one.
Looking forward to seeing the ProJet in action.