Alex Jonas Project - 3d printing needed

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Alex Jonas Project - 3d printing needed tstmlone 9/26/12 5:47 AM
Subject Alex Jonas Project - 3d printing needed


I am working on a new business project.  I have an invention and I need 3D printing for the prototypes at the mendel/makerbot level .  This is a startup so I am really looking for someone with machines to join in the product development. It will definitely be worth your time and effort.  Prefer someone in the Columbus or Delaware area. I am in superstealth mode so I need those interested in helping to email me first for more details. Alex Jonas at ohi og ame @ ho tm ail. com  (without all the spaces)  Please use Subject line of 'Alex Jonas Project - 3d printing needed' as I have multiple projects.

P.S.  If you don't have machines but have some product development, electronics, project management, Startup development or marketing skills or such please also write me as I am assembling a team now.


Alex Jonas